Guide to Use of Facilities

   Booking Procedure
   Prior to an Event
   Before Usage
   After Usage


1. How to apply
Call or write to inquire about space availability. Submit a completed "Application for Facility Use" form. The AIAV office accepts applications in person, as well as by mail or fax. However, when applying by fax, the original document must be sent to the AIAV office at earliest convenience. Note that the AIAV office does not accept reservations by phone.

2. Application deadlines
1) Hall, Courtyard (outside stage), Outdoor stage (amphitheater)
  a) For performance: One to six months before the planned performance date
  b) For practice: One week to one month before the planned date of use
2) Gallery: One to six months before the planned date of use
3) Rehearsal/Study Rooms: One day to six months before the planned date of use
4) Studio: One day to three months before the planned date of use
5) Darkroom: One day to three months before the planned date of use
6) Village Housing: One day to six months before the planned date of use

NOTE: If the initial application date coincides with an AIAV holiday (see 4. below), the application term will begin the day the facilities reopen.

3. Application hours  9:00 am - 5:00 pm

4. Holidays   December 29th- January 3rd of the following year

5. Available hours
The facilities are open 24 hours, but late evening hours are mainly intended for rehearsal and practice purposes. Notify and inform the AIAV office if you intend to schedule a late-hour performance.

6. Order of application processing
Applications are accepted and processed on a first-come first-serve basis.

7. Term limit maximum
1) Hall, Courtyard (outside stage), Outdoor stage (amphitheater) six days
2) Gallery       one month
3) Rehearsal/Study Room     six days
4) Studio       six days
5) Darkroom       six days
6) Housing       three months

8. Application rejections and termination of usage rights
Note that even if the facilities are booked or reserved, the AIAV reserves the right to terminate any lease agreement or alter the conditions of usage at any time. The following is a general guideline for such action:
1) When public good is endangered
2) When public order is threatened
3) When facility rules and guidelines are violated
4) When facility usage is appropriated through unlawful means
5) When possible damage to facilities or obstruction of maintenance is detected
6) When the facilities are intended for purposes other than those outlined by AIAV guidelines (e.g. usage unrelated to art)

9. Prohibition of transfer of usage rights
Facilities can only be used only for purposes stated in the application form. Usage rights may not be transferred or themselves re-leased.

10. Changing usage purposes
When intending to change the usage purposes, submit an "Application for Changing Usage" form with your "Usage Approval" form.

11. Cancellations
When canceling a reservation, submit an "Application for Cancellation of Usage" form with your "Usage Approval" form. As a rule, the prepaid usage fee is non-refundable. However, reimbursement may be granted in the following cases when a "Usage Fee Reimbursement Application" form is submitted (a seal is required):
1) Usage is hindered by act of nature or reasons beyond the control of the user: Full amount
2) When "Application for Cancellation of Usage" is submitted three months before the proposed usage date: Full amount
3) When "Application for Cancellation of Usage" is submitted one month before the proposed usage date: 50% of full amount

12. Responsibilities of compensation for damage
Users may not request the compensation for damage to AIAV when usage is declined or cancelled due to the user's own fault.
Unless AIAV is responsible for damage, the user cannot request compensation.

Booking Procedure

Flow chart till the date of use

Come to AIAV directly or contact us by phone.

Apply directly or send completed application form by mail or fax. When applying by fax, you must submit or mail the original form to the AIAV office.

Issuing of approval form and usage fee invoice:
AIAV will issue an "Usage Approval" form and usage fee invoice. You must remit your payment by the due date stated on the invoice. Furnishing and equipment rental fees must be paid on the day of intended use.

By bank deposit or in cash by the due date stated on the invoice.

Orientation meeting:
For those using the hall and other facilities for an event, an orientation meeting will be arranged at least a month prior to the event. The AIAV office will arrange the meeting date with you.

Day of use:
Show the "Usage Approval" form upon initial arrival. Payment for the furnishing and equipment must be completed by 5:00 pm of that day, or when you are finished using the facilities.

1. Payment for the Rehearsing/Study Rooms, Studio, and Accommodation rooms may be requested by the AIAV office on the application date.
2. When visiting AIAV for orientation, please notify us beforehand by phone.
3. Contact the Facility Section in the AIAV office for facility observations, preliminary inspections, and inquiries regarding the Hall and other facilities.

Prior to event

1. Rules of using the facilities
1) Note that "Usage time" includes time for move-in, move-out, preparation, and post-event cleaning. Keep this in mind when planning your event.
2) AIAV supplied chairs and tables are to be set-up by the users group.
3) You must comply with the maximum number of people allowed in each facility.
4) You must comply with related rules and regulations of the facilities and follow the instructions of the assigned AIAV staff member.
5) The AIAV will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items during events. The AIAV will not store items before or after an event.
6) Ensure that during the orientation meeting with the assigned AIAV staff member, the user understands fully the nature of the facilities.
7) AIAV may request additional supervisory staff depending on the size or magnitude of event
8) When using AIAV equipment or facilities, you must ensure that when finished, they remain in original condition.

2. Advertising, advertisement banners, billboards
1) When planning to make printed advertisements such as posters, flyers, or tickets, you should only begin after all the application procedures and payments are completed. Also consult the assigned AIAV staff member regarding advice in layout and format.
2) Consult the assigned AIAV staff member if you intend to make advertisement banners and standing billboards.

3. Required number of people for events
1) There must be one supervisor of events who will oversee the event, its preparation, and post-event activities.
2) Assigned AIAV staff members will assist with the stage equipment and technical concerns. Inform us if more than two AIAV staff members are required.
3) User must provide all pre and post event staff. These include any movers, ticket handlers, audience supervisory staff, that are required, etc.

4. Facility prohibitions
1) Smoking is prohibited in AIAV facilities except for in designated smoking areas.
2) Eating and drinking is prohibited in the facilities (with the exception of the restaurant and salon).
3) Posting advertisements, flyers, and curtains in the building or on equipment is strictly prohibited. Writing, defacing, or alterations to the facility walls is also prohibited. For exhibitions, consult AIAV staff members for display guidelines.
4) All stage props must be fire retardant.
5) Dangerous objects or animals (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs) are not allowed in the facilities.
6) Fixed facility furnishings will not be moved.

5. Facility restrictions
Discuss with the AIAV staff and submit provided application forms when necessary when the following is intended. The AIAV office reserves the right to decline any of the following at any time.
1) Usage of fire and smoke machines.
2) Displaying and selling things; handing out flyers; any form of recruiting.
3) Tuning the piano.
4) Video or sound recording other than for personal use.
5) Television and radio broadcasting or recording.
6) The usage of personal stage props and equipment that require large electrical power.
7) The use of laser beams.
8) The use of vast amounts of water.

6. Parking and set-up
1) Automobiles cannot enter the facility gate unless moving in large instruments and stage props, or if you are physically disabled (two special parking spaces are provided for the physically disabled.)
2) Approximately 250 parking spaces are available (including emergency parking).

7. Emergencies
1) When an emergency occurs, the AIAV staff will guide you and make the directions. You will be expected to follow AIAV staff instructions at all times.
2) In case of injury or illness, notify staff members or the AIAV office immediately and follow staff instructions.

8. Entry of AIAV staff
During emergencies, or for facility maintenance, AIAV staff may enter the facilities while in use.

9. Rainy days
Do not bring wet umbrellas into the buildings. Use the provided umbrella stands or carry the umbrellas in plastic bags.

10. Miscellaneous items not provided by AIAV:
Stationary (writing tools, markers, cassette tapes, etc.), tea, towels, etc.

11. Accidents, Equipment mishaps and damage to facilities
1) Unless clearly at fault, AIAV will not be held responsible for any accidents caused by fire, earthquake, power failure, or robbery. This also applies to intermission of events caused by emergency alarms.
2) When the facility, furnishing or equipment is broken or lost, the user is responsible for reimbursement.

Orientation Meeting

1. The AIAV office will consult the user group regarding the date and time.
The orientation meeting must be held within one month before event.

2.  The primary organizational staff of the user group (stage director, technical staff, production coordinator, etc) are advised to attend the orientation meeting.

3. Content of the Orientation
1) Content of the event, program scheduling and management
2) Verification of restrictions and regulations for usage
3) Verification of external equipment
4) Usage of furnishing and equipment
5) Number of people provided by the users for set up
6) Others (piano tuning, parking, etc.)
 *You are encouraged to use the piano tuner recommended by AIAV. Tuning   fee is payable by the user.
7) Necessary documents
 a) Complete schedule for the day of the event
 b) Diagram or plan of stage setting
 c) Program
 d) Printed material such as posters, flyers, and pamphlets
 e) Related approval forms and application forms
 f) Other reference material pertinent to the Orientation

Day of the event: before use

1. Initial arrival
The user group head will submit the usage permit once upon arrival. Then follow the instructions of AIAV staff.

2. Responsibilities of the user group head
1) In case of emergency, immediately identify oneself to the AIAV staff.
2) Note all emergency exits, exit routes, and evacuation procedures, and carefully explain them to user group staff.
3) Immediately notify accidents and injury to the AIAV office.
4) Ensure that all payments be completed by 5:00 p.m. or upon finishing of event (whichever comes first).
5) Explain to group members to place valuables in the lockers provided near the dressing rooms.
6) Ensure that proper security is in place during duration of event.

Day of the event: post-event

1. Clean up
1) When finished with the facility, follow the instructions of AIAV staff and return all furnishings and equipment.
2) Users are responsible for the removal of all garbage. Ensure nothing is left behind.
3) Clean and Remove all cigarette butts.
4) Return all cups and ashtrays to their provided places.
5) Personnel in charge of user group will be present when AIAV staff examines the room after cleaning.

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