Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Artist in Residence Program


Residency Period
10th January - 20th March, 2007 [70days]

Participated Artists
Heini NUKARI (Dance / Finland / Lives in Germany)
Loic Sturani (Visual Art / Italy / Lives in Japan)
Marina Fraga (Visual Art / Burasil / Lives in Burasil)
Information of Open Call

Akiyoshidai field workshop


workshop: Sep. 11. 2006 - Sep. 16. 2006
exhibition: Sep. 17.2006 - Oct. 1. 2006

1week workshop in Akiyoshidai.
limit number: 21
participation fees: 39,000yen (adult), 33,oooyen(student)
*The cost of this workshop contains six days breakfast, dinner and accomodations.
Check this website please.(sorry, only in japanese writing)

guest artist
Haegue Yang
keiichi Miyagawa(artist/Kitakyusyu)
Laura Horelli(Berlin)
assistant Co., Ltd(creative group/Tokyo)

Takehiko Haikawa(Akiyoshi-dai museum of natural history/Yamaguchi)
Noboru Sadakata(Yamaguchi university/geography)
Yoshitaka Mori(Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music/Tokyo)
Tetsuya Kimura(Suoh-oshima culture exchange center/Yamaguchi)

ART ROOM vol.4 August. 2006

insects sound collecting (curious tone #4)

sound Workshop
Shun Nakaseko
Aug. 26. 2006 10:00-15:00
participation fees:

ART ROOM vol.2 June.2006

The island which became a hill -Let's knit the Survival Net together! (finished)
Chika Home 2006 / Yamaguchi/JP@@@@@@@Chikako Watanabe
Artist in Residence, Workshop, Exhibition etc.
Residence Artist : Chikako Watanabe
Guest Artist : Yuka Kawabe (Sound Traveler)
Performer : "Emer" the unit by YUKA, mamiMU and Atsushi Akazawa
The length of Artist`s stay
3.6.2006(Sat.) - 21.6.2006(Wed.)
Artist Talk
4.6.2006(Sun.) 14:00~16:00 Artist's Talk *explanation about the works & projects
Visiting and Workshop
5.6.2006(Mon.)-14.6.2006(Wed.) Hold the "Knitting Club" at some schools
8.6.2006(Tur.) Shimogo erementary school at SCHUHOCHO
12.6.2006(Mon.) Mikama erementary school at SUOH-OHSHIMA

17.6.2006(Sat.)- 2.7.2006(Sun.) Exhibition
Opening Performance by Emer
17.6.2006(Sat.) 16:00~19:00

Making "SURVIVAL NET" at some places in Yamaguchi.
Also visiting some schools for workshop with children and
ask fishermans the way to make a japanese fishing knit.
Interchange between artists and local people through Survival Net.

in July
Concert in wonder forest

The sound inventors

*Urgent notification!*
The "sound inventors" performer is changing.
Hans Reichel who was a performer in this concert and was the inventor of Daxofon encountered an unexpected accident immediately before the visit to Japan. And it was impossible for him to perform to the concert.
We apologize sincerely to everybody that it looked forward to Reichel's concert and the lecture the day before.
We will hold the concert according to three musicians except Hans Reichel. The lecture on Friday, June 30 will be held by Kazuhisa Uchihashi.
Uchihashi Kazuhisa (daxophone & guitar)
Erin Gee (voice)
Yamazaki Yamato (hung)

1.7.2006(Sat) 18:00open,19:00start@
AIAV amphitheatre (at the Hall in case of rain)
Adult:2000yen, Syudent:1500yen@
@*There is a discount for the Friend`s net member

educational program

A lecture by Kazuhisa Uchihashi
AIAV lecture room2

AIAV music workshop program

Jazz workshop 2006

enjoy music & life (finished)

main professor:Hiroko Kokubu (Piano)
professor:Yoichi Yahiro (Bass), Tappi Iwase (drums), Toshiaki Otsubo (Keyboard)
Special professor:Rie Akagi (Flute)
ENJOY MUSIC & LIFE Hiroko Kokubu Special Group with Rie Akagi JAZZ Concert @
Hiroko Kokubu (Piano)
Yoichi Yahiro (Bass)
Tappi Iwase (drums,Percassion)

Toshiaki Otsubo (Keyboard)
Rie Akagi (Flute)

Aug. 6. 2006(Sun) 14:00open, 14:30start
Akiyoshidai International Art Village HALL

Adult:advance ticket 2500yen / door3000yen@
Student(under 18 years old):adovanced ticket 2000yen
*There is a discount for the Friend`s net member


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