2016 Fellowship Artists

Fellowship Artists 2016

6 artists (4 individuals and 1 group) from Australia, Chile, Canada, and Japan will stay and work at AIAV.


○Nao Yokoya  /Japan (Installation)

Residency Period: 6th June-29th December /2016 http://nahoyokoya.com


Born in Tokyo in 1975. Yokoya completed her Doctorate Degree at Tokyo University of the Arts. Since 2012, she has had solo shows “Kagamishi, Blue, Bird” at Hagiwara Projects, and “Between Art and Science” at several venues i.e., Naples Science Museum, IRFAKOASIS Burkina Faso, Tenichi Museum, etc. She has also implemented a couple of projects since 2013 such as “the Story about Takahashi Family” and “the Hoshi Trope Revival Project (Provisional)” in Onomichi City, Hiroshima.

“I am interested in people’s activities and the derivative matters, such as folklore around the world, one’s view of life and death, and archaeological sites, and therefrom I examine present times as my subject. Going to interesting sites whether inside or outside the country to investigate and collect materials one after another, I am currently carrying out 4 projects simultaneously. Revealing concealed history and issues is the most important theme in my creative process.”


○Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen /Australia (Drawing, Painting, Installation, Sound)

Residency Period: 2nd October -29th October /2016 www.cyzchen.com


Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen is a Sydney based artist who uses drawing to translate sound experience into a visual form. As the recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award, Chen is currently undertaking a PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Sydney. Her research investigates the convergence of aural and optical perception in the embodied experience of place. With work held in private and public

 collections, Chen has exhibited across Sydney and Melbourne in solo, group and finalist prize exhibitions. In 2016, Chen will undertake artist residencies at Akiyoshidai International Art Village in Japan and Hill End, Bathurst Regional Gallery.

“My drawing practice examines circumstantial experience and searches for the inner line of things which have no form. Through experimental drawing and ink painting, I explore the process of perceptual engagement with visual and acoustic phenomena in the natural environment. My drawings examine experience as an aggregate of sensory elements; for instance, a pulsating colour or the shape of a sound. I explore how perceptual engagement builds a nebulous network of attachment to place, based upon memory and emotion. Bird calls and the sonic shock wave of thunder are some of the phenomena which provide the stimulus for these works.”



○Georgia Taylor-Berry & Kim Johnson  / Australia(Architecture and Urban Design)

Residency Period: 2nd October -29th October /2016


Flâneur (fla – ner)

Flâneurs come to know a city by strolling about with few specific objectives, having up-close encounters with and in the city, sometimes getting lost in the details, and allowing a city to confront them with the diverse characteristics and many challenges of urban life – Noah J. Toly


Through Cities explores the theme of the flâneur; deconstructing built environments through various abstract processes since beginning their travels in early 2015. To date these processes have included various techniques from sound and light studies, to photographic, written, interview and architectural analyses. The greater project of Through Cities is anticipated to culminate in a publication in 2017.


Through Cities is a collaborative project of Georgia Taylor-Berry and Kim Johnson; architects/urban designers from Perth, Australia, who have been travelling ‘through cities’ for the past year.


Thus far, Georgia and Kim have drawn on their experiences in the field of architecture and studied the nature of cities throughout Asia and the environments that have been contrived for ourselves. Two years have been dedicated to travelling from Australia to Denmark; collecting quantifiable data and documenting architecture, streets, people and other aspects of public life. This project attempts to provoke thoughts, ideas and perhaps solutions about the ways we live and should live in cities.




○Catalina González Arancibia  / Chile(Instalation, photography)

Residency Period: 6th November -3rd December /2016 http://catagonzalez.wix.com/cata


Born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. Catalina exhibits her artwork individuality and collective in Chile and abroad, which highlights her participation in The Other Side, Centro Cultural La Moneda (2006), Constructed Realities in Fotogalerie Vienna (2008), Citizens in Chopo Museum D.F Mexico (2010), My Neighbor The Other in SACO 3 Week of Contemporary Art Antofagasta and Border Territories in Centro Cultural Matucana 100 (2014). Exhibited individually at AFA, Animal and Patricia Ready Gallery’s and participated in Contemporary Art fairs like Scope, Lima Photo, Cha.co and MACO. She currently lives and works to develop its work in the region of Tarapacá in Chile, in a process of exploring territorial margins marked by the Atacama Desert.



○Leanne Dunic  / Canada (Literary arts, multi-disciplinary)

Residency Period: 28th November 28 -25th December /2016 www.leannedunic.com


Leanne Dunic is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer. Being of mixed race, much of Leanne’s work possesses hybrid-identity themes. She is the singer/guitarist of the band Deep Cove whose debut album ‘To Love The Coming End Of The World’ will be released in 2016. Her book  ’1 1′ follows a disillusioned author obsessed with natural disasters and ‘the curse of 11’ (BookThug/Math Paper Press 2017).


Leanne Dunic’s work explores identity and culturally diverse narratives. Environment is interpreted as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, where time and memory reveal the complex co-existence of tradition and modernity. She is intrigued by the elements of what makes one masculine/feminine, by the dualities within oneself, and aims for her work to subvert expectations.



Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Supported by Yamaguchi prefecture, Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education

Embassy of the Republic of Chile in Japan, Embassy of Canada in Japan, Australian Embassy