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The prefix ‘trans’ means to go beyond, get across, cross, exchange, change and convert.

The Residence Support Program provides a time and place for artists to experience new encounters and carry out experiments to guide their future projects. Participating artists are expected to bring new ideas to the local culture and people while they, in turn, will hopefully acquire new perspectives through these fresh encounters. As a result of the residence program, the artists will convey their new experiences, gathered from the local lifestyle and our particular geographic situation, to their next destination. We hope that the residence program at Akiyoshidai International Art Village becomes a space for artists to go beyond cultural borders and expand their outlooks, exchange their unique understandings and establish relationships with fellow artists.

AIAV has supported over 150 domestic and international artists since its open in 1998. This fiscal year we will invite 6 artists from 6 countries. Over the period of 55 days of their stay, the artists will work on the theme “The Features of This Land”, encountering with Yamaguchi’s environment, culture and local people, all of which are different from their own.



“The Features of This Land”


Residency period

16 January(Sat.)- 10 March(Thur.), 2016 [55days]


Events schedule

-Open studio / Artists invite people to their studio.
30 Jan (Sat), 2016 14:00-16:00

-Opening reception
27 Feb (Sat), 2016 17:30

28 Feb (Sun) – 7 Mar (Mon), 2016 10:00-17:00


trans_2015-2016 Artists

Donald Abad

Visual art / France  Website



Donald Abad, born in 1978 spent all his youth and scholarship (ENSAD Paris) in Paris, France. After several artistic residencies and outdoor creations (The Netherlands, Japan, Cyprus, Canada,…), he decided to leave the atelier to work outside and combine digital media with nature through adventurous concepts or performances.

*Selected through open call


-Past works

Donald Past Work Donald Past Work Donald Past Work


Tamás Szvet

Installation, Sculpture, Media art / Hungary  Website


Tamas Szvet

Tamás Szvet (Gyula / Hungary 1982) graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (MKE) in 2007. In 2009 he began an artistic research course at MKE, which he continued at the Research Institute of the University of Amsterdam and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands. His work has been exhibited at numerous international venues and he has participated in artist residencies in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, France, South Korea, Japan and the United States. He won the Junior Prima Prize in 2008 and the Talentum Prize – founded by the Hungarian Academy of Science – in 2010. He is represented by VILTIN Gallery, Budapest.

My artistic research deals with experiencing, rediscovering and reinterpreting different phenomena. The relationships between science, art, technology and culture occupy a critical role in my creative process. I investigate human perception and memory, as well as our relation to time and space. My site-specific work is focused on an engagement with place and community. I use both traditional and new media, transforming and crafting everyday objects to reveal, discover or uncover an essence that is not usually made visible or expressed: in other words to peel back specific layers of meaning or perception.

*Selected through open call


Exchange Program

Workshop “The Features of This Land – In Praise of Shadows”
Date: 11th February 13:00 – 15:00
Location: Renaissa Nagato



-Past works

Tamas Past Work Tamas Past Work Tamas Past Work


Teppei Yamada

Visual art, Installation / Japan  Website



The beginning of me is to become something that is not me. Having been an actor for 16 years since the age of 3, I constructed my way of understanding the world. For me, acting is to become something that is not me. Meaning, I became whoever I want to – I was someone else – by accepting another person in me. Continuing such an experience, one day I began to be uncertain about myself. It made it difficult to find one particular being of myself that I accepted a number of others in me. It is because what formed me was someone else, and something else. It is something that has not existed inside me, but in the outside world. To understand myself I decode the outside world which flows in me. I identify myself with the thing, and understand one by one. For me, an artwork is a device to understand the world.

*Selected through open call


-Past works

Teppei Past Work Teppei Past Work Teppei Past Work


Insane Park

New media, Painting / Korea



TV, news, movie lyrics, cult movie, symbol, bizarre, religion, incident, murder case, internet, fashion magazine, MTV, porno, AV actresses, celebrities, internet comment, political statement, politician, slang, joke, graffiti, advertisement, neon sign, comedy, adage or famous saying, social things and individual things, relationship with those things, corruption, cynical, swearing, dirty things, conspiracy, taboos, darkness, light and shadow, aura, face of criminal and victim, composite… etc. I always see these images in front of TV or internet. Massive incidents in news, melodramatic third-rate soap opera or cult movie, obvious copyright advertisement, poor show program or low-grade porno movie etc. These images wander around my head. Sometimes images that never seem to connect get together and copy of advertisement or lyrics of show program, famous saying in movies mixes up with a completely different image and produce a mutant image and those images mix by themselves and make another image.I am not sure if what kind of concept it holds and what it is trying to tell us. Nothing can be sure about it. Nothing can be confirmed.
Everything is image.
Everything is just an image.
Everything I see is image.
My work seems like it holds a social message or reprimands a contradictory system from time to time. But it is only a reflection of how I see the image, it doesn’t hold any meaning. The purpose and direction of my work is to absorb the image from the world and spitting it out again.

*Recommended by Gyeonggi Creation Center


-Past works

Insane Past Work Insane Past Work Insane Past Work


Kuenlin Tsai

Installation / Taiwan  Website



For me, the process is always much more important than the outcome, whether it is about facing life or regarding art creation. Similarly, the quality of the relationship between people is determined by the continual interactions between them after the moment of encounter, meaning the process determines the final quality. However, nowadays the chance of people meeting one another is greatly reduced as people are spending more time with machines. Through the electronic circuits forming the Internet, one seems to possess the whole world; yet, one might have nothing at all in reality.
Therefore, in the attempt to use my work as a communicative medium, I try to connect two unfamiliar points through my work. The consequent output, invisible might it be, is the valuable result I care about, which is also the core purpose of my art.
The plastic pipes are the most frequently used material in my work because what the material represents fits perfectly for my artistic concept—the pipes do not belong to the beginning or the end; instead, they serve as a medium of connection and communication, a medium that the modern world relies on to sustain its existence. I use its characteristics of “connecting” and extend it into a concept of encounter and organization. By doing so, I introduce the distant sounds to the site through the pipe system, which also functions as a sound-delivering system that connects people for interaction and communication. With the overall design, the installation is designed to invite the audience to physically enter the interactive mechanism of the work without having to put up words of instruction.

*Recommended by Taipei Artist Village


-Past works

Kuenlin Past Work Kuenlin Past Work Kuenlin Past Work


Mari Mäkiö

Photography / Finland  Website


Mari Makio

Mari Mäkiö is a visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She holds a Master of Arts Degree from Department of Photography at Aalto University. In addition to photography she works with video, sound, text and archival material. Mäkiös works are usually spatial installations. An important part of her work is creating the content of the work together with people from different positions and backgrounds. Her works have been on display at galleries and museums in Finland and abroad.
Mäkiös artistic work starts with the very basic questions of human experience. Subjective experiences of the world, communication between people and narratives we individually and collectively produce are the bases of her work. At the moment Mäkiö is interested in the relationship between visual world and language: how the visual world is translated to language and vice versa. Another topic of her interest is the relationship between human and his environment at the current time, when humans are the main force in changing our environments.
Her recent work (A) Life was a collaboration with the artist and other professionals, such as authors, a poet, a doctor and two private detectives. The basis of the work were one man’s photo albums. Since he had no rememberers after death, they are the only tangible thing left of his life. Based on these three albums, these six professionals made their interpretations which were combined to an installation consisting of images, text, video and sound.

*Recommended by The Finnish Institute in Japan


-Past work

Mari Past Work Mari Past Work Mari Past Work

About the selection

Selection through open call

There were 299 applicants (23 from Japan, 276 from outside Japan) for “trans_2015-2016” program. Three artists mentioned above were selected at the selection committee meeting held at AIAV.
trans_2015-2016 Application Guideline

Recommendation by partnership organization

The below-mentioned overseas partnership organization recommended one artist each for “trans_2015-2016″ program.
Gyeonggi Creation Center(South Korea), Taipei Artist Village(Taiwan), Finland Center(Finland)


Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2015

Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Supported by Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Board of Education, Mine City, Mine City Board of Education, Ambassade de France au Japon / Institut Français du Japon, Embassy of Hungary, Korean Cultural Center Osaka, Fukuoka Branch Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka, Embassy of Finland, The Finnish Institute in Japan