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Akiyoshidai International Art Village Artist in Residence Support Program “trans_2016-2017″

The prefix ‘trans’ means to go beyond, get across, cross, exchange, change and convert.

The Residence Support Program provides a time and place for artists to experience new encounters and carry out experiments to guide their future projects. Participating artists are expected to bring new ideas to the local culture and people while they, in turn, will hopefully acquire new perspectives through these fresh encounters. As a result of the residence program, the artists will convey their new experiences, gathered from the local lifestyle and our particular geographic situation, to their next destination. We hope that the residence program at Akiyoshidai International Art Village becomes a space for artists to go beyond cultural borders and expand their outlooks, exchange their unique understandings and establish relationships with fellow artists.

AIAV has supported over 160 domestic and international artists since its open in 1998. This fiscal year we will invite 6 artists from 5 countries. Over the period of 55 days of their stay, the artists will work on the theme “The Future of This Land”, encountering with Yamaguchi’s environment, culture and local people, all of which are different from their own.



“The Future of This Land”


Residency period

15 January(Sun.)- 10 March(Fri.), 2017 [55days]


Events schedule

-Open studio / Artists invite people to their studio.
28 Jan (Sat), 2017 14:00-

-Opening reception
25 Feb (Sat), 2017

26 Feb (Sun) – 6 Mar (Mon), 2017 10:00-17:00


- trans_2016-2017 Artists

Hyeree Ro

Installation, Performance / South Korea  Website



Hyeree Ro(*1987) was born in Seoul, lives and works in Seoul. She majored in fine art at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul and acquired B.A. in Law at Yonsei University, Seoul. Her sculptural, performative, and narrative-based works embody various aspects of life such as personal history, memories, place, cities, language, body, movement, stories, and dreams. By the means of performance, object making, and narrative, she tries to incorporate the past and the present.

*Selected through open call


-Past works

Hyeree past work Hyeree past work Hyeree past work


Ilse Leenders

Photography, Visual art / the Netherlands  Website



Ilse Leenders (1979) graduated her studies Photographic Design at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2001.
Her work originates from an anthropological perspective and is founded by historical and cultural research, with focus on eastern philosophy and humanities.
She interferes in land- or cityscapes and use the (artificial) nature as a ‘stage’ to construct a (theatre-like) contemporary story with elements utilized from the past and present. The staged photographs display a composed interplay between imagination and reality. The components in her photographs consist of self-made artifacts or ready-made objects regularly in combination with personages. By bringing together different aspects in a single image, detailed narratives arise that can be perceived as movie stills or images from a comic book.
In her work Leenders strives for balance and harmony of elements arranged. “Rikyu (Zen and Tea-master 1522 –1591) teaches us that wild flowers growing in nature are truly beautiful and precious, but that the flowers for Tea are meaningful only when their individual beauty and the preciousness of their life is successfully captured and expressed in an arrangement”. As in a flower arrangement, she creates in a detailed staged scene, an abstract, aesthetic, silent world in which man, environment, scenery, object and action are carefully balanced and connected.
Leenders has worked at artists in residences in Japan, South Korea, USA and France. She won several awards and her work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Warsaw, Oulu, Antwerp and Paris. Since 2014, She is affiliated as a lecturer at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK) The Hague and since 2015 she is a student at the Master in Education in Arts at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam.

*Selected through open call

-Past works

Ilse 作品 Ilse 作品 Ilse 作品


Kaori Oda

Video, Film / Japan  Website



Born in Osaka (Japan). Filmmaker.
She completed the Doctor of Liberal Arts in filmmaking under the supervision of Bela Tarr in 2016. Her first feature, ARAGANE, had its World Premiere at YAMAGATA International Film Festival 2015 and received Special Mention.
She is a recipient of Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists of Pola Art Foundation.
She would like to explore ‘What is our humanity like? Where is it going to?’ by making films and moving images.

*Selected through open call


-Past works

Kaori past work (still) Kaori past work (still) Kaori past work (still)


Lo-Kyung Yi

Video, New media, Performance / South Korea



Lokyung Yi was born in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea. Yi has been creating video and performative work. The video media is utilized as not only a result of the working, but the medium which cause the process and the relation. The audience observes the relations generated between a camera lifted by the artist and the subject such as the human being. And they experience the relations between the space where the video images are projected and the works. Although Yi’s works are combined with documentary and fiction, it is mixed in one work and interconnected through the dual structure of the installation.
Yi’s major screening and festival include Seoul Marginal Theater Festival(2013). Nein Fest(2015), A-O-Byung-Ing Festival(2016). Root and Top(Gyeonggi art platform, 2015), Averngers(Lotte Cinema Doksan,2014). Yi also participated in a number of group exhibitions including Place and Footnote(Seoul art space, 2016), Sensible Reality(Seoul City Hall, 2016), Romantic Compass(Gyeonggi Creation Center, 2016).

*Recommended by Gyeonggi Creation Center


-Past works

Lokyung 作品 Lokyung 作品


Yow-Ruu Chen

Performance, Photography, Theater art / Taiwan  Website, Carbonmade



Chen Yow-Ruu is a theatre director, performer, photographer and aerial yoga teacher based in Taipei since 2016. She received her MFA degree in Directing from the Taipei National University of the Arts.
She worked for Yang Ching-Hsiang Ensemble, We Theatre, Creative Society and All U People Theatre. She also participated in many theatre projects. She also directed for IOFloat and Taipei Blooming Theatre. She uses mixture of forms and sounds for developing theme in each performance works. In January 2015 she established her own theatre company “Y Theatre”, and Stationed in Taipei Artist Village- Treasure Hill for one year. Her recent works focus on the relationship between sounds and the characters.

*Recommended by Taipei Artist Village


-Past works

CHEN, YOW-RUU past work CHEN, YOW-RUU past work CHEN, YOW-RUU past work


Kastehelmi Korpijaakko

Photography / Finland  Website



“When taking pictures and placing them next to each other I feel that I am a combination of a visual hunter, a criminal investigator and a gravity researcher. I hunt for images with sensual connection to tactile experiences and land.”
Kastehelmi Korpijaakko (born 1984) is a photography and installation artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Her artistic practice is driven with the curiosity towards ethics, phenomenology of perception and environmental issues. As most of her works are done with means of photography the questions related to this specific medium fascinate her.
In her recent works her focus has been in the act of touching and its consequences. She uses ground as a revealing layer where the weight of different human actions becomes visible. Through the images of ground she is contemplating the emotional side of human existence. How does it feel to exist as a human during what might be defined as the era of Anthropocene?

*Recommended by The Finnish Institute in Japan


-Past work

Kastehelmi past work Kastehelmi past work Kastehelmi past work







- About the selection

Selection through open call

There were 216 applicants from 57 countries for “trans_2016-2017″ program. Three artists mentioned above were selected at the selection committee meeting held at AIAV.
trans_2016-2017 Application Guideline

Recommendation by partnership organization

The below-mentioned overseas partnership organization recommended one artist each for “trans_2016-2017″ program.
Gyeonggi Creation Center(South Korea), Taipei Artist Village(Taiwan), Finland Center(Finland)


Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016

Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Supported by Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Board of Education, Mine City, Mine City Board of Education, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Korean Cultural Center Osaka, Fukuoka Branch Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka, Embassy of Finland