[Postponed] Let’s try! Metal Carving “Necklace in the motif of natural objects”workshop

Make a handmade necklace from brass plates by yourself.

Basic course of metal carving with Kazuaki SAEKI, an engraver and jewelry artist. You can make your own necklace in the motif of natural objects.


[ Flowchart of the workshop ]

1.Select Motif… Find a motif from natural objects collected from near AIAV.
2.Sketch… Observe the motif carefully and draw a sketch that will be the shape of the necklace top.
3.Cut… Paste the sketch on a brass plate and use a jigsaw to cut the brass plate along the sketch.
4.Shave off, Polish…Polish with a router or sandpaper.
5. Put a chain through the hole. and Done!

Date25 September, 2021
6 November, 2021
10:00- / 13:30-
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Seminar Room 2
Eligible participantHigh school students and older
Capacity10 people for each
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Kazuaki SAEKI

1974 Born in Yamaguchi city / lives in Yamaguchi city
1997 Graduated from Kyushu Sangyo University
2003 Started his activity as an engraver artist based on Yamaguchi
2006 Opened KOSILVER
2011 Awarded Yamaguchi ACS award
2019 Part-time lecturer of Yamaguchi College of Arts