Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence program invites artists for a time away from their usual environment and obligations to work on their own creative activities.

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Through open calls, Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV) currently offers fully funded long-term program called “Residence Support Program”, and partly funded short-term program called “Fellowship Program” with which artists are encouraged to apply for outside funding resources.


Fellowship Program

“The AIAV Fellowship” is open to domestic and international artists working in various creative fields. The aim of the program is to support artists’ activities and to offer the local people in Yamaguchi pref. opportunities to appreciate arts and communicate with artists crossing the borders of art disciplines and nationalities. During the residency period, artists should actively communicate with local people in Yamaguchi and participate in the exchange programs, including workshops, lectures, school visits and exhibitions.

Support Program (trans_)

The prefix ‘trans’ means to go beyond, get across, cross, exchange, change and convert. The Residence Support Program provides a time and place for artists to experience new encounters and carry out experiments to guide their future projects.
Participating artists are expected to bring new ideas to the local culture and people while they, in turn, will hopefully acquire new perspectives through these fresh encounters. As a result of the residence program, the artists will convey their new experiences, gathered from the local lifestyle and our particular geographic situation, to their next destination. We hope that the residence program at Akiyoshidai International Art Village becomes a space for artists to go beyond cultural borders and expand their outlooks, exchange their unique understandings and establish relationships with fellow artists.

Participated Artists


Kirstyn Hom Visual Arts

Mica Cabildo Installation, Graphic Arts

Joel Chin Sculpture, Installation

Liang-Hsuan Chen Visual Arts

Jiyen Lee Visual Art

Junya Kataoka + Rie Iwatake Visual Art

Paul Hommage & Yumi Takeuchi Visual art



Atsushi Mizutani Contemporary Art, Sculpture

Winnie Pun Painting, Installation

Ravi Kattakuri Visual Art

Mitsunori KIMURA

Sungyeon Park Visual Art, Interdisciplinary

Vygintas Orlovas Media art

Ilana Halperin Visual art

Su Yu Hsin Visual art

Katri Naukkarinen Visual art

Lee Sujin South Korea

Qenji Yoshida Contemporary art

Mina Nasr Visual art

Ewa Wesołowska Installation, Sculpture


Yoichi Kamimura Sound, Installation

Hiroyasu Yukawa Visual Art

Kastehelmi Korpijaakko Photography

Yow-Ruu Chen Performance, Photography, Theater art

Lo-Kyung Yi Video, New media, Performance

Kaori Oda Video, Film

Ilse Leenders Photography, Visual art

Hyeree Ro Installation, Performance


Leanne Dunic Literary arts, Multi-disciplinary

Catalina González Arancibia Installation, Photography

Kenichiro Taniguchi Sculpture

Georgia Taylor-Berry & Kim Johnson Architecture, Urban Design

Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen Drawing, Painting, Installation, Sound

Naho Yokoya Installation

Mari Mäkiö Photography

Insane Park New Media, Painting

Kuenlin Tsai Installation

Teppei Yamada Visual art, Installation

Tamás Szvet Installation, Sculpture, Media art

Donald Abad Visual Art


Naoya Yoshikawa Photography

Lian Cherngzhi Erwin Visual Art

Sara Ocklind Art

Darren Rigo Installation, Photography

Loreal Prystaj Photography, Video

yukaotani Installation, Design

Shin Shigeoka Installation, Scenography

Liu Chih-Hung Painting, Installation

Minna Kurjenluoma Photography

Cha Hyelim Painting, Installation

Tets Ohnari Sculpture

Julien Grossmann Mixed media

Jorge Mañes Rubio Mixed media


Arthur Huang Installation, Drawing

BUDOKA Visual Art

Roxana Garea Painting

Cédric Friggeri Photography

Marie-Andrée Godin Installation, Visual art

Mara Streberger Multidisciplinary art

Nao Yoshigai Choreography,Dance,Video

Isak Immanuel Multimedia,Choreography,Dance

Ian Carlo Jaucian Visual art

Heo Taewon Art

Chou Tung-Yen Video

Joséphine Vejrich Illustration


Brice Catherin Music, Cello

Mathilde Jensen Illustration

Robert Powell Art

Todd Shalom Text, Sound, Video

Ina Kwon & Helmut Völter Other

Hyuk Jun Yi Photography

Alwin Reamillo Art

Yung-Ta Chang Sound, Video

France Dubois Photography

Tsuyoshi Anzai Installation

Nobuhiro Shimura Installation


Dorota Podlaska Painting, Installation, Action

Motoyuki Shitamichi Photography

Michiko Tsuda Video

Rehema Chachage Visual Arts

Anna Strand Visual Arts


Heini Nukari Performance

Aura Nukari Photography

Jasmina Llobet & Luis Fernandez Pons Visual Arts

Liz Atkin Visual Arts

Yazmany Arboleda Multi-media

Kenji Yamada Visual Arts

Wojciech Giewica Visual Arts

Adriana Salazar Visual Arts


Tiffany Chung Research

Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro Visual Arts

Valeria Roxana Primost Visual Arts

Takehito Shiina Visual Arts


Nora Naranjo-Morse & Dax Thomas Visual Arts, Video

Jakrawal Nilthamrong Visual Arts

Amanda J. Hill Visual Arts

Akiko Yanagimoto Visual Arts


Charles Lim Visual Arts

Jörg Fahlenkamp Photography

Ingrid Hora Visual Arts, Architecture

Coalmine Lab. Visual Arts

Bonny Cassidy Poetry

Michael Fowler Music

Chikako Watanabe Visual Arts

Toshiaki Tomita Visual Arts

Takuji Kogo Visual Arts

Akira Mori Visual Arts

Tadashi Kawamata Visual Arts


Shin il Kim Visual Arts

Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak Visual Arts

Justin Fiske Visual Arts

Yukio Suzuki(Kingyo) Dance

Yasutaka Henmi Music

Tristram Williams Music

Giovanni di Domenico 音楽

Loic Sturani Visual Arts


Marina Fraga Dance

Maki Morishita Dance


Brian Catling Performance

Atsushi Akazawa Music

mamie MU Music

Yuka Kawabe Music

Nika Soup & Saya Sauce Music

Ho Ho-Do Dance

Clementine Deliss Visual Arts

Sean Snyder Visual Arts


Erin Gee 作曲

Markus Wetzel Visual Arts

Jooyeon Park Visual Arts

Filip Szatarski Dance&Performance

Tetsu Takag Visual Arts

MUZUCKS Visual Arts

Laura Horelli Visual Arts

Ann Everton Visual Arts


Catrin Andersson Visual Arts

Natacha Nisic Video

Ichiro Kichisaka Kotsuzumi(Small hand drum)

Mié Coquempot 舞踏

gansomaeda Visual Arts

Pia Rönicke Visual Arts

Study of Live works BANETO Performance

Palais de Tokyo Art Center

John Miller Visual Arts

Yang-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Visual Arts

*candy factory 美術

Teruaki Harai Visual Arts

Ola Pehrson Visual Arts


Go Watanabe Visual Arts

Sunah Choi Visual Arts

Anna Gonzalez Visual Arts

Sergei Zagny Composition

Kazunari Horiguchi Visual Arts

John Miller Visual Arts

Danio Man Visual Arts

Staffan Schmidt Visual Arts


Mike Bode Visual Arts

Hector Moro Composition

Mikko Canini Visual Arts

Haegue Yang Visual Arts

Karl Holmqvist Text

Michiro Tokushige Visual Arts

Federico Baronello Visual Arts


Mariko Asai Visual Arts

Larissa Hjorth Visual Arts

Nicolas Moulin Visual Arts

Francis Denys Visual Arts


Tiziano Manca Composition

Beate Daniel Visual Arts

Christian Utz Music

Carlo Forlivesi Composition

Hidenobu Yamane Visual Arts

Stefan Ludmilla Wiesner Playwright

Annebarbe Kau Visual Arts


Takiko Iwabuchi Dance

Jårg Geismar Visual Arts

Hiroi Yamaguchi Photography

Beverley Hood Visual Arts

Belu-Simion Fainaru Visual Arts

York der Knofel Visual Arts

Jérôme Combier Music

Rees Archibald Music

Diane Dyckhoff Visual Arts

Adrienne Van Eekelen Photography

Jens Brand Visual Arts


Layla Curtis Visual Arts

Frederick C.Tillis Composition

Ralph Lemon Choreography

Nan Goldin Photography


Masao Shirakawa Visual Arts

Dan Graham Visual Arts

Itsuko Hasegawa Architecture

David Hammonds Visual Arts

Koh Tsuji Visual Arts

Tomoko Sakaguchi Visual Arts

AIAV Programs