11th Akiyoshidai Music Competition Guideline [Tuba]Akiyoshidai Music Competition

Not just only technique, the musician should be able to move audiences…

The 11th Akiyoshidai Music Competition will be held at Akiyoshidai International Art Village. Stringed Instrument category is scheduled from 15th to 17th July, and Tuba category is from 1st to 4th September, 2022.
We look forward to your entry.


Overall schedule

Tuba category

Pre-screening (online)1st – 10th June, 2022
1st Qualifier-A1st September, 2022 (Thu.)
1st Qualifier-B2nd September, 2022 (Fri.)
2nd Qualifier3rd September, 2022 (Sat.)
Final Selection4th September, 2022 (Sun.)

Akiyoshidai International Art Village (50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine city, Yamaguchi)


Yamaguchi Kirameki Foundation Akiyoshidai International Art Village

1. Regarding Screening

Screening Procedure
a.) Pre-screening

– Pre-screening is Video audition (upload the recording to YouTube). Videos will be reviewed by juries.
– The result will be announced to all applicants via email and published on the AIAV website on 15th June, 2022 (Wed.).

b.) Preliminary rounds and Final selection

– For applicants who pass Pre-screening Audition, the preliminary rounds and final selection will be held at the Concert Hall of Akiyoshidai International Art Village.
– The results of the first Qualifier will be decided with a total score of A and B.
– The preliminary rounds and final selection will be held at the Concert Hall of Akiyoshidai International Art Village.
– The results of the final selection will be decided by the screening board after each performance is over. The decision will be announced at the venue, and an awards ceremony will be held.


Chief juror: Tetsuya OTSUKA
Juries: Kazuhiko SATO, Koji SUZUKI, Ryoichi TAMAKI, Tatsuki YOSHINO, Isao WATANABE, Hiroyuki KANAKI


First Prize: 400,000 yen / Certification of Merit
Second Prize: 200,000 yen / Certification of Merit
Third Prize: 100,000 yen / Certification of Merit
Grand Prix (Prefectural Governor Prize): Certification of Merit (*First place of the competition)

2. Apply

Eligibility for participation

Candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 39 as of April 1, 2022
(Birthdate must be between April 2, 1982 and April 1, 2006.)

Participation fee
a.) Pre-screening

3,000 yen
Please pay to AIAV via bank transfer in JPY between the first day of application period and 12:00 on 3rd June, 2022.(JST)
– Please burden the bank transfer fee at your expense.
– We cannot refund the fee after payment.

b.) From the first qualifier

*The method of payment for application fee will be specified separately to after the application deadline.

Application Period

22nd April, 2022 (Fri.) – 31st May, 2022 (Tues.) *Applications MUST be received by 24:00 on 31st May (JST)

Application Procedure

Send your entry via the online application form.
Please submit the completed form and pay the participation fee for the pre-screening by bank transfer by 12:00 on 3rd June, 2022 (Tues.). The application acceptance will be completed upon confirmation of the transfer.
Application form is written in only Japanese. If you need help in English, please ask us via email.

*We will send you e-mail when registration completed. Please make sure to change the anti-spam setting to accept the domain ‘aiav.jp’.


Pre-screening video submission instructions

Please record and submit your performance video for the pre-screening according to the following rules.
Please double check the link of a video you provide before submitting.
– Your video recordings must clearly show your face, hands and all of the instrument by fixed camera.
– The performance should be recorded as if you are at a “live” audition (video and sound must be recorded same time) within 2 months before the due date. Editing is not allowed.
*Automatic volume control system on your video camera must be off.
– Perform all assigned pieces for the pre-screening continuously and record that in one take.
– Upload your video as Unlisted on YouTube and generate a share link.
*Put only your full name in your title of your video.
– Put the share link on an application form. Only one video link allowed. The link cannot be replaced after the application procedure is completed.
*The competition office and AIAV are unable to provide technical support.

Sign in to the first qualifier

– Participants are expected to complete administrative procedures at the designated place, day and time, and then follow directions of the staff. If a participant does not arrive on time, this may be regarded as a default.
– The order of appearance will be decided by the Music Competition Office.

Fee payment details

– The fee does not cover the expenses of participants during this competition.
– Participants must cover the expense for their own piano accompanists by themselves.
– The accommodation fee (4 nights) of Akiyoshidai International Art Village for participants is free. *The fee for piano accompanists is not covered.(Reservation is required)
– Participants can use the restaurant during their stay on the premises.(Additional fee / Reservation is required)
– Shuttle buses between JR Shin-Yamaguchi station/Yamaguchi-Ube airport and the venue will be available on the day before the first qualifier-A and after final selection.
(Additional fee (one-way 2,500yen/person) / Reservation is required)

Cancellation Policy

– In the event that you must withdraw from this competition after you apply, please inform us as soon as possible.
– Application fees are not refundable.

Privacy Policy

– Please be aware that the participant’s name, age, highest level of education, and ID photo may be used for this competition’s public relations activities.
– Participant’s private information is used only for the management of this competition.
– The organizer has the right to take photos and videos, and make audio recordings of this competition for broadcasting, etc.

4. Public Pianist

Notes for using the system

– Participants can use the public pianist system.
– The Music Competition Office will designate the time and place of practice with public pianists on the previous day of each qualifier and final selection at the venue. The public pianist will be designated not by the participant but by the Office.
– Usage fee of the public pianist will be payed on the previous day of each qualifier and final selection at the venue.



Usage fee of the public pianist
First qualifier-B5,000 yen
Second qualifier8,000 yen
Final selection10,000 yen

5. Assigned Pieces

Pre-screeningC. P. E. Bach: Flute Sonata Wq. 132, H.562 Movement 1 and 2
*Any edition can be accepted.
*Play in an original key.
*Take no repeats in 2nd movement.
*Each movements should be begun with following notes (concert pitch).
– 1st movement: A on the first space in the F clef
– 2nd movement: A on the fifth line in the F clef
*Details such as articulation, dynamics and grace notes shall be at participant’s discretion.
1st Qualifier-AElizabeth Raum: Sweet Dances for Unaccompanied Tuba (Publisher: Cimarron Music)
*Play all movements
*Whether play or not such as “ossia” and “8va” shall be at participant’s discretion.
1st Qualifier-BR.Schumann: Fantasy Pieces Op.73
*This piece has scores and editions for various instruments but it is not specified.
*Play in an original key
*Each movements should be begun with following notes (concert pitch).
– 1st movement: C on the second space in the F clef
– 2nd movement: E on the first ledger line below the staff in the F clef
– 3rd movement: B-Sharp on the second ledger line below the staff in the F clef
*Play with repetition.
Second QualifierPlay one of the following pieces (a) to (c).
(a) Anthony Plog: Sonata for Tuba (Publisher: Editon BIM)
*Regarding instructions about mute in 2nd movement: Using a mute or not will not impact jury’s decision in any way.

(b) Trygve Madsen: Sonata for Tuba and Piano, Op.34 (Publisher: Musikk-Husets Forlag)
*Play with repetition.
(c) Edward Gregson: Tuba Concerto (published by Wise Music Classical (formerly Novello & Co Ltd))
*How to play such as “ossia” and “alternative cadenza” shall be at participant’s discretion.
Final SelectionArild Plau: Tuba Concerto (Publisher: Ovation Music)