Gamelan Concert “Hana-no-Michi (Flower Road)”
– MargaSari in Akiyoshidai –workshop

Music and Dance of Javanese Gamelan in Contemporary Architecture

Gamelan ensemble "MargaSari" will come to Yamaguchi from Osaka!
From classic to contemporary, you can enjoy a broad program of Gamelan music with unique sounds of Gamelan at AIAV courtyard.

*Mini Workshop "Do you know Gamelan?" will also be held on the same day!


Date&Time28 May, 2022 (Sat.)
Start 17:00 / Open 16:30

*Mini-workshop “Do you know Gamelan?”
15:00 –
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Courtyard (Concert Hall in case of rain)
PriceGeneral: 3,000yen /
Student 1,000yen
FriendsNet Members 20% discount
Takuya Oi, Naoki Ebisuya, Gaku Kurokawa, Kanna Taniguchi, Shin Nakagawa, Manami Nishi, Akihiro Nishimura, Midori Moriyama

Mizuki Aita (Percussion, Composition)
Yuka Kawabe(Singing)
Wiyantari Sakuma(Dance)
Shin Sakuma(Dance)
Naho Homma(Rebab)
ManageOrganizer: Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Support: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Board of Education, Mine City, Mine City Board of Education, Cultural Association of Yamaguchi Prefecture


Classical Java Music: Gendhing Bonang Majemuk
Masahiro Miwa: A Song in Praise of Love or FourBits-Gamelan (2007)
Mizuki Aita: Renge – for Gamelan orchentra (2022)
Suite “Angin Jawa” – Classical music and dance of Indonesia

Mini-workshop “Do you know Gamelan?”

“What is Gamelan?” “What’s Indonasia like?” MargaSari tells you stories related to Gamelan.

Venue: Akiyoshidai International Art Village Courtyard
Eligible participant: Anyone
Perticipation Fee: 500yen (Free for concert ticket holder)
Apply: Please call us or send application via online form in Japanese page with participants’ name, address, phone number and date of birth.

Ticket / Workshop Reservation

Reservation available from 8 April, 2022, 10:00 (JST)

Ticket Agency
Akiyoshidai International Art Village TEL: 0837-63-0020
Ticket and Workshop Reservation is only available at AIAV.


MargaSari : Java Gamelan Ensemble

Based in Toyono town in Osaka, MargaSari is a musician group that actives performances using the Indonesian folk instrument Javanese Gamelan. Based on playing classical music, they are active widely such as creating new works in collaboration with new musicians and collaborating with artists of other genres such as dancers and sculptors. In addition, they are actively trying to create with people and communities from various backgrounds such as children, people with disabilities, former day laborers, and homeless people. In recent years, they performed at “TRANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL ‘Gamelan Universe Meeting'” (2019, Toyonaka Performing Arts Center, Osaka), “MUSICA CRAS GIFU 2020 Masahiro Miwa Festival – Purified Night -” (2020, Salamanca Hall, Gifu) and so on. MargaSari has presented their original performance series “Hana-no-Michi (Flower Road)” since 2021. Music adviser is Drs. Siswadi (professor of Indonesia Institute of the Arts.)

Mizuki Aita: Percussion, Composition

Born in Sendai, Miyagi in 1988. He debuted at the same time as winning the 2nd prize at Contemporary Music Performance Competition “Kyogaku IX” by Japan Society for Contemporary Music. After his debut, he use to play premiere performances of over 300 new works as a percussion/vibraphone player up until now. He is also active widely as a composer such as selected for Composition Award of the 10th JFC in 2019 and won the special prize at the International St.Christopher Composer Competition in 2021. His latest album “Songs one once heard – Japanese melodies by Vibraphone” received the 59th Record Academy Award and acclaim by magazines. He got Encouragement prize of Osaka Cultural Festival in 2021 and New Comer prize of Art Encouragement Prize of Miyagi prefecture in 2022. Resident artist of Kanack-Hall, Kanazawa.

Yuka Kawabe: Singing

Born in Kobe. She sings songs collected like treasures with flowing and elegant voice, and her singing attracts people beyond border, era, space and time. She also plays the Sgra-snyan as accompaniment for her song repertory from such as Japan, Tibet, Eastern Mediterranean, etc. She is performing at many places not only her local area and other places in Japan but also in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Ecuador.

*Performer is changed from Noriko Okuyama to Yuka Kawabe.

Wiyantari Sakuma: Dance

Born in Yogyakarta. She won the best woman dancer prize at Jogja dance competition in 1989, the best choreographer prize at Jogja dance and theater festival in 1998, and the best costume prize at Jogja dance and theater festival in 1999年. After moved her bases to Japan after marriage in 2000, she performs with Gamelan group in various places of Japan. She received the distinguished service award from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. She also performs and produces works at France, Switzerland, Australia and South Korea. Her performance “Katastroke” (Directing: Mika Masuda) with Contemporary dance, Japanese traditional performing art and Korean traditional performing art at Theatre E9 (Kyoto) in 2020 got a favorable reputation.

Shin Sakuma: Dance

Born in Osaka in 1968. In exploring the state of body in Javanese dance, he develops projects related to concepts such as ‘collaboration’, ‘improvisation’ and ‘communication’. Recently he is active widely including his choreographical work “PATINA” (2018/invited by OzAsia Festival Adelaid), his direction work “Dandan Tambo ni Yoakshi Kaeru” (2019), his direction video work “Teletari Odottari” (2021/invited by Jakarta International Contenporary Dance Festival), a project to connect with environment “Body Water Lake”(2019-2022) and so on. A book “Social Art – Change Society by Art with People who with a Disability” was published by Gakugei Shuppansha (joint authorship)

Naho Homma: Rebab

Gamelan player / performer. As a member of Javanese Gamelan orchestra group “Dharma Budaya” and “MargaSari”, she joined performances in and out of Japan with a large repertoire from traditional music to new works. Currently she is learning Javanese dance at Lintang Sisik and creating new songs, texts and dances with people who has various backgrounds. Also she performs in stage productions directed by Jareo Osamu、Shin Sakuma.