8th Akiyoshidai Music CompetitionAkiyoshidai Music Competition

Not just only technique, the musician should be able to move audiences…

The 8th Akiyoshidai Music Contest will be held again this year.
There is a double bass section on April 19-21, 2019, and a string quartet section on April 27-28.
We look forward to your participation.



Double Bass Category

First QualifierApril 19, 2019 (Fri.)
Second QualifierApril 20, 2019 (Sat.)
Final SelectionApril 21, 2019 (Sun.)

String Quartet Category

Preliminary RoundApril 27, 2019 (Sat.)
Final SelectionApril 28, 2019 (Sun.)

Akiyoshidai International Art Village (50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-city, Yamaguchi)


Yamaguchi Kirameki Foundation Akiyoshidai International Art Village


Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Board of Education, Mine City, Mine City Board of Education,
The Asahi Shimbun Company, The Yomiuri Shimbun, The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., The Chugoku Shimbun Co., Ltd.,
The Yamaguchi Shimbun, Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Television Yamaguchi Broadcasting Systems Co., Ltd.,
Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting., Ltd., FM-Yamaguchi Co., Ltd., FM Kirara, FM San San Kirara,
Yamaguchi Prefectural Cultural Association

Regarding Screening


– Double Bass Category
– String Quartet Category

Screening Procedure

– The preliminary rounds and final selection will be held at the Concert Hall of Akiyoshidai International Art Village.
– The results of the preliminary rounds will be decided by the screening board on the same day as each round, and announced at the venue.
– The results of the final selection will be decided by the screening board after each performance is over. The decision will be announced at the venue, and an awards ceremony will be held.


Double Bass Category
   First Prize: 400,000 yen / Certification of Merit
   Second Prize: 200,000 yen / Certification of Merit
   Third Prize: 100,000 yen / Certification of Merit
String Quartet Category
   First Prize: 500,000 yen / Certification of Merit
   Second Prize: 300,000 yen / Certification of Merit
   Third Prize: 200,000 yen / Certification of Merit
   Beethoven Prize: 200,000 yen*1
*1The best performance group of Beethoven’s String Quartet from finalists will be awarded as a special award.

* Fourth to Sixth Prizes (both categories): Certification of Merit

The First Prize from both categories総
    Grand Prix (Prefectural Governor Prize): Certification of Merit


Double Bass Category
   Chief Juror: Yoshio NAGASHIMA
         Hiroshi IKEMATSU
         Shigeru ISHIKAWA
         Iwahisa KUROKI
         Michinori BUNYA
         Shu YOSHIDA
         Hiroyuki KANAKI
String Quartet Category
   Chief Juror: Eiji ARAI
         Keiko URUSHIHARA
         Hajime OTOMO
         Tomoko KAWADA
         Sachiko SUDA
         Nobuko YAMAZAKI
         Hiroyuki KANAKI


Eligibility for participation

Candidates of both categories must be between the ages of 16 and 39 as of April 1, 2019
(Birthdate must be between April 2, 1979 and April 1, 2003.)

Application Period

January 7, 2019 (Mon.) – March 1, 2019 (Fri.)
*Applications MUST be received by March 1 (JST)

Participation fee

(1) Double Bass Category 30,000 yen
(2) String Quartet Category 56,000 yen / per group
* Three days’ accommodation is included. Meal expenses are not included.
* Fee must be paid by bank transfer to the designated account after a notification is delivered by the designated date.

Application Procedure

Please apply by one of the following ways.
(a) Online Form
Double Bass Category Application FormString Quartet Category Application Form
    Forms are closed
(b) Mailing
   Completed application form must be sent to the address below:
       Akiyoshidai International Art Village ‘Akiyoshidai Music Competition Office’
       50 Akiyoshi, Shuho-cho, Mine-city, Yamaguchi, 754-0511, JAPAN

*Applications MUST be received by 17:00 March 1 (Fri.) (JST)

3.Assigned Pieces

Double Bass Category

* Notices
– Play all pieces in solo turning.
– Do NOT do all repeats such as repeat signs and Da Capo.
– The piece at the final selection must be played from memory.

First Qualifier :
Play 1 and 2.
1. Dragonetti Concerto No.3 A-major, 1st movement
2. Select one of the following (a) to (d).
 a)Bottesini ”La Sonnambula” Theme and Variations
 b)Bottesini Tarantella
 c)Bottesini Gavotte
 d)Bottesini Allegretto Capriccio

Second Qualifier :
Play 1 and 2.
1. Select one of the following (a) to (g).
 a)Persichetti Parable
 b)Ellis     Sonata
 c)Maw    The Old King’s Lament
 d)Zbinden   Hommage à J.S.Bach
 e)Aho     Kadenza
 f)Henze    Serenade
 g)Satoshi Suzuki   Essay III
2. Select one of the following (a) to (h).
 a)Misek   Sonata No.1 in A-major
 b)Misek   Sonata No.2 in E-minor
 c)Misek   Sonata No.3 in F-major
 d)Hertl   Sonata
 e)Hindemith  Sonata
 f)Montag  Sonata E-minor (This piece must be played in tuning of A.E.H.E)
 g)Schubert  Arpeggione Sonata in A-minor
 h)Tetsuo Kawakami   Sonata No.1

Final Selection : Select one of the following 1 to 5 and play all movements.

Select one of the following 1 to 5 and play all movements.
 1. Bottesini   Double Bass Concerto No.1 F-sharp minor
 2. Bottesini   Double Bass Concerto No.2 B-minor
 3. Koussevitzky Double Bass Concerto F-sharp minor
 4. Vanhal    Double Bass Concerto C-D major (*Play cadenza from Grueber Edition.)
 5. Nino Rota    Divertimento concertante
String Quartet Category

* Notice
– The rule of dealing with all kinds of repeats such as repeat sign and Da Capo will be decided after the day of application deadline.

Preliminary roundSelect one of all string quartets by Haydn and Mozart, and play all movements.
Final Selection :
Play 1 and 2.
1. Select one of the following string quartets by Beethoven and play all movements.
 - String Quartet op.18 1-6, op.59 1-3, op.74, op.95
2. Choose and play string quartet piece(s) composed in the 20th century.
*Total duration of the numbers 1 and 2 above should be 50 minutes.
*Regarding the number 2 above, in the case of exceeding 50 minutes, some movements may be omitted but cuts in single movements are not permitted.



– The order of appearance will be decided by the Music Competition Office.
– Participants are expected to complete administrative procedures at the designated place, day and time, and then follow directions of the staff. If a participant does not arrive on time, this may be regarded as a default.
– Free shuttle buses between JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station, Yamaguchi-Ube airport and the venue will be available on the days before the start of each category and after the days of final selections.
– Participants of Double Bass category may use a truck for transportation of the instrument.

Fee payment details

– Those who do not pay the fee within the prescribed time limits are not admitted attending the contest. Application fees are not refundable.
– The fee does not cover the expenses of participants during this competition apart from the accommodation fee (3 nights) of Akiyoshidai International Art Village. The expense for the piano accompanists is also not covered.
– Participants can use the restaurant during their stay on the premises (additional fee and reservation is required).

Privacy Policy

– Please be aware that the participant’s name, age, highest level of education, and ID photo may be used for this competition’s public relations activities.
– Participant’s private information is used only for the management of this competition.
– The organizer has the right to take photos and videos, and make audio recordings of this competition for broadcasting, etc.

5.Public Pianist

– Participants of Double Bass category can use the public pianist system.
– The Music Competition Office will designate the time and place of practice with public pianists on the previous day of each qualifier and final selection at the Village. The public pianist will be designated not by the participant but by the Office.
– If you request a public pianist for your accompanist, please fill in the designated form (check mark).

Usage fee of the public pianist
First qualifier5,000 yen
Second qualifier 8,000 yen
Final selection 10,000 yen

Yoshitaka SUZUKI


String Quartet Master Class

Master Class will be held by juries of String Quartet Category for groups which have participated in the competition and who desire to take the class. If you intend to participate in the class, please circle your decision on the application form.

DateApril 29 (Mon.)
*Depending on the number of applications, there is the possibility the Master Class will start after Award Ceremony on April 28. 。
Tuition fee Free
LecturerJury of String Quartet Category (Appointing lecturer is not available)
Other After the Master Class, a free shuttle bus to Yamaguchi-Ube Airport via JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station will be available.