“If I was recording Your voice, would you speak in the same fashion You spoke yesterday?”AiR

AiR Fellowship Vygintas Orlovas Solo Exhibition


Date14th July – 16th August, 2018
*This event has ended
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Artist Lounge(B1F)
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Artist Profile

Vygintas Orlovas

I my creative practice I often focus on the relations of different media and the transformation processes that are possible between them. For this project I am proposing an attempt to recreate the images of the area surrounding AIAV through site-specific sounds.
The method for doing this is similar to how Yevgeny Murzin’s ANS synthesizer works, however, the method I am proposing is related to the site both visually and audibly. It goes as follows: firstly, I would gather visual data through the means of photography and audible data through the means of field recordings. Afterwards, I would select a couple of images that are in some way specific to the location through either its’ visual characteristics or its’ cultural background or context. Similarly, I would select site-specific sounds and turn them into short samples that can be used as sound waveshapes for synthesizers. The last step would be to draw lines on top of the selected images and turn them into a musical score in order to play it by only using the sit-specific sounds.
The result could be either a performance of these compositions, or an installation which would include both the images and the sounds next to them allowing the spectators to search for the similarities and differences.