Sungyeon Park Solo Exhibition “Unknown Neighbour”AiR

AiR Fellowship / Sungyeon Park Solo Exhibition

Sungyeon Park Solo Exhibition “Unknown Neighbour”


Date14th July – 16th August, 2018
*This event has ended
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Gallery(2F)
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Exhibition Concept

examines and questions new aspects of city development. City has the rapidly accelerating pace of exchange in recent years influenced cross-cultural developments. City has been expanded from social norms and its significances. It is clear that city did not grow naturally through the ages but develop relatively short time frame. As its expansion, our society has different standard. From these, concept, my solo exhibitions, both (2016) and (2016) show movements in contemporary urban societies through the use of city structures such as Korea national flag ornament, metal roof fan, and windsock. This interest is based on personal explorations of cultural and regional studies. In the , I will show my concern with irony metaphor for road signs.

Artist Profile

Sungyeon Park

Sungyeon Park is an artist, an educator and a researcher, who is demonstrating her work through an interdisciplinary, complex and, artistic social language. She seeks to challenge societal beliefs about art in her work by representing trivial parts of daily life through a diverse range of artistic genres, such as literature, theater, and sound. She has been participating in artist-in-residences such as the Art Omi International Residency in New York, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York, the MacDowell Colony, USA, the Taipei Artist Village of Taipei Culture Foundation, Taiwan, the National Art Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, Kulturamtes der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Germany, and the Clayarch Gimhae Museum of Korea. Currently, she is an assistant professor of Media Contents at Konkuk University in Korea.