Experimental Music Workshop Call for Participants!workshop

Contemporary Music Seminar “Akiyoshidai’s Summer 2017″ Public Program

-Create music by the professional musicians, amateur musicians and children together
-Improvise under easy rules with large space in AIAV.
Let’s share the music you can experience only HERE with us!


Date & Time20th August, 2017, 14:30 – 17:30
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Concert Hall
AgeEveryone who is 6 years of age or older with interest!

What to bring
Please bring something that makes a sound. (ex. music instruments, something that makes a loud sound, toys, or your own voice.)
Supporters Yori-Aki MATSUDAIRA(Composition) | Akiko YAMANE(Composition) | Yoshifumi TANAKA(Composition) | Yoichi SUGIYAMA(Composition&Conducting) | Keiko MURAKAMI(Flute) | Shinya HASHIMOTO(Tuba) | Maiko MATSUOKA(Violin) | Yoshiko HAN-NYA(Viola) | Kei YAMAZAWA(Cello) | Aki KURODA(Piano) | Kazue NAKAMURA(Piano) | Akiko FUJITA(Piano)
PDF Download the flyer here.


Tomomi ADACHI (Composer, Performer)


Please email us.
– Please inform us of participant’s NAME, ADDRESS, BIRTHDAY, SCHOOL, GRADE, E-MAIL ADDRESS.
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