Miyagawa Akira & Dynamite Shakariki Circusconcert

The exciting concert with humorous talk!

The fun concert with a musician, Miyagawa Akira and Trio vocal group "Dynamite Shakariki Circus." Many classic hits are deciphered by Akira-san's unique interpretation and sung powerfully as of Dynamite!


Date&TimeMarch 28, 2021 (Sun.)
Start 14:00 / Open 13:15
VenueAkiyoshidai International Art Village Concert Hall
TicketAdult 3,000yen
Youth(25 years old or younger) 1,000yen
FrendsNet Member 20% discount
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter. (Childcare service is available for preschool children who are 1 year old or older / Reservation required)
PerformerMiyagawa Akira
Dynamite Shakariki Circus
ManagementOrganizer: Akiyoshidai International Art Village
Support: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Yamaguchi Board of Education, Mine City, Mine City Board of Education, Cultural Association of Yamaguchi Prefecture

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Program (planned)

Intro Analyzing “Amagi-goe”
“So Do Re Mi Urban Legends” Unlock the secrets of hit songs – We’ll sing 30 songs for just 5 minutes!
The Peanuts Medley, Matsuken Samba II, Wakaitte Subarashi(Young is wonderful), My Grandfather’s Clock and more.


FrendsNet members: Reservation will be available from February 5, 10am
General: Reservation will be available from February 19, 10am

Ticket Agency
Akiyoshidai International Art Village Tel:0837-63-0020
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Miyagawa Akira

Akira Miyagawa is a composer and a theater musician. Born in 1961 in Tokyo. He began to make music for shows by such as Shiki Theater Company and Tokyo Disneyland and continued composing music for musicals and theatrical plays. His most famous works include “One Man’s Dream,” “Shintokumaru” and “Matsuken Samba II.”
He gives performances and various concerts energetically throughout Japan with the words ‘Concert is the Show’ as his principle. Composing, arranging, conducting, playing Piano and interpretation, he produces everything by himself at his concert. The concert presents a variety style, a wide range of people enjoy that. “Olivastro of the Wind” he often plays at concerts was added lyrics afterward and became one of his masterpieces.
He is the person in charge of music for and also appears on NHK E “Quintet,” NHK BS2 “Do Re Mi Fa Wonderland” and NHK BS Premium “Showtime by Akira Miyagawa.” Also he is active in various field such as composing musics for an opera “Ashita no Hitomi,” an anime movie “Space Battleship Yamato 2199/2202,” NHK historical drama “Chikaemon,” NHK Morning Drama serials “Hiyokko” and a theatrical play for festival “Shakespeare in the Tempo Era 1840.”

Dynamite Shakariki Circus

Trio vocal entertainment group from Kansai.
Based on their original songs that get us energetic just by listening, they are performing many music as a “Shakariki(up a storm)” taste music circus. Started their activity in 2002. They give live performances throughout Japan based on Kanto area, Kansai area and Nagoya. Made a major debut with Sony circuit in 2007. With harmony born from their great teamwork and three protean singing voices, they delivers us musics incorporated various elements like pop, gospel and soul.
Also, there is a reputation for their stage that is integrated with audience, including non-stop talk bred in Kansai. Their talent was recognized by Miyagawa Akira, Musician, and they performed with him at TV programs such as NHK BS Premium “Showtime by Akira Miyagawa,” BS Fuji “Sakai de gozaimasu,” Asahi TV “Untitled Concert.” Recently, concerts by the four are held and have been well received. In addition, their activities are in various field include live performance, participating in recording as chorus, radio DJ, production and singing of CM songs and in-play songs.
Official website http://shakariki.info