The hall, designed with the intention of performing the prometheo opera by Luigi Nono, a master of contemporary music, is a very unique and varied one.

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About the audience

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The AIAV hall was designed solely for a piece of opera, namely Prometeo, which is produced by the master of contemporary music, Luigi Nono. It is a very unique hall, having three floors with the movable chairs on the first floor. Since this hall does not have a fixed formation, any place can be set to be a stage and allow the audience to see one work from different perspectives.

The three-stories hall. The platform and seats on the second and third floors may be used as audience seats, but also as a stage. It is designed to be flexible in the usage of space.

Area 482㎡
Number of seats Approximately 300 (all seats are movable except for certain areas) standing room are not available
Stage Open stage Width 6.3 m – 14.4m (movable stage) Depth 6.3 m Height 12.6m
Stage facility Abutment 4; Prop abutment 1; Baton 9
Reverberation time Approximately 2 seconds (when seat hall is empty)

Dressing rooms and other facilities
a) Large dressing room 1: 55 m2 (with lockers)
b) Small dressing room 2: 30 m2 (with shower and rest room facilities)

dressing room

dressing room 1・2

Type Private
Capacity 4 people
Area 30㎡
Equipment Dressing table, one table, 4 chairs, An electronic pot, stage monitor TV, Closet, hangers
Remarks There is shower, restroom

dressing room 3

Type Large room
Capacity 10 people
Area 55㎡
Equipment Dressing table, one table, 10 chairs, An electronic pot, stage monitor TV, Costume locker, hangers
Other facilities