Fellowship Program 2018 Artists

AIR Fellowship 2018

Period:[First]2018.5.16 - 7.26

[Second]2018.8.29 - 12.27

In this year’s residence fellow, 7 artists from 7 countries will visit the village!
※ The second term: September 28th and 29th excluding

●Organized by Akiyoshidai International Art Village
●Supported by Yamaguchi prefecture, Yamaguchi board of education, Mine city, Mine city board of education


Ilana Halperin

Fellowship Program Period:16th-29th May-2018

Program Artist Talk “Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi)” Venue:Seminar room 3- Akiyoshidai International Art Village Date:May 27th at 2pm-

Vygintas Orlovas

Fellowship Program Period:26th June-26th July-2018

Program Solo Exhibition “If I was recording Your voice- would you speak in the same fashion You spoke yesterday?” Venue:Akiyoshidai International Art Village Artist Lounge_Exhibition Date:14th July – 16th August- 2018 10:00-17:00

Sungyeon Park

Fellowship Program Period:7th July-25th July-2018

Program Solo Exhibition “Unknown Neighbour” Venue: Akiyoshidai International Art Village Gellery Date: 14th July – 16th August-2018 10:00-17:00

Ravi Kattakuri

Fellowship Program Period:Fellowship 2nd -28th September-2018

Program Artist Talk Venue:Akiyoshidai International Art Village Seminar Room 3 Date:15th September 2018 14:00-15:30

Program Exhibition “Culture Myself” Venue:Akiyoshidai International Art Village Seminar Room 3 Date:15th – 21st-2018 10:00-17:00

Winnie Pun

Fellowship Program Period:30th September -26th October 2018

Program Open Studio Venue:Akiyoshidai International Art Village Studio 5 Date:14th October-2018 13:00-16:00

Atsushi Mizutani

Fellowship Program Period:1st-30th October-2018

Program Workshop “Landscapes that come to mind and connect with one another” Venue:Akiyoshidai International Art Village Seminar Room 3 Date:20th October- 2018 13:00-15:00

Mike Bode
  • Nationality / Sweden
  • Genre / Visual Arts

Fellowship Program Period:Fellowship 2009

Fellowship Program Period:8th -18th October-2018

other program
  • Project-AiR(2002)
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