Announcement to AIAV users and visitors

Thank you always for your understanding and cooperation in preventing COVID-19.

Due to the spread of COVID-19 infection, We kindly request people who live outside Yamaguchi prefecture to refrain from using and visiting AIAV from May 18th to 31st, 2021. There may be changes in facility usage due to future situations.

Message by the Governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Requests and Notifications

1. AIAV requests people who are applicable to one of the conditions below to refrain from using and visiting AIAV.
– Those who live outside Yamaguchi prefecture.
– Those who live in Yamaguchi prefecture but visited areas under state of emergency or priority preventative measures within 14 days.
– Those who have cold symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, and chills.

2. AIAV asks you your name and contact information when you enter the building.
– We will use the information to make contact when infection is proved.

3. AIAV measures your body temperature when you enter the building.
– Those with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher are not allowed to enter.

4. Please be thorough with washing your hands and cough manners to prevent droplet infection.
– Liquid soap is installed in the restroom.
– Hand sanitizer is installed near the entrance.
– Please wear a mask.

5. Please cooperate with followings when using AIAV facilities.
– Please grasp names and contact information of all attendees.
– Please recommend wearing masks and washing their hands to attendees.
– Please install alcohol-based sanitizers at the venue.
– Please refrain from talking loudly when moving inside the building.
– Maximum number of people at each facility is restricted as follows to prevent group infection

  • Studio 1 _____ 15 people
  • Studio 2-6 _____ 5 people
  • Studio 7 _____ 9 people
  • Seminar Room 1, 3 _____ 30 people (25 people in case of seminar style using tables)
  • Seminar Room 2 _____ 50 people (37 people in case of seminar style using tables)
  • Concert Hall _____ 70 people in case of practice at Stage area / 300 people in case of event such as a concert without a loud voice
  • Accommodation room _____ 2 people/room
  • Share kitchen _____ 5 people
  • Cafe (at the main building) _____ 22 people
  • *In case of events with yelling, shouting or singing in a big voice at Concert Hall, maximum number of people available will be 150.
    *In case of practice, please Keep enough distance more than 1 meter between people.
    *Please refrain from drinking alcohol.

– Please ventilate well more than once a hour. (Please use an air cleaner installed at Seminar rooms)
– After using equipment, wipe them with a wet tissue (must be alcohol-free).
– Please leave the door open after use. (Please turn on air cleaner and close the door at Seminar rooms)
– When you are unable to identify the participant or unable to respond to deals above, please reconsider your usage or refrain from using.
– Please understand that AIAV may be closed due to COVID-19 infectious disease control measures depending on the future situation.

 Please contact us for more information.